Finding an Apartment

Once you receive a Tenant-Based voucher or if you are a current voucher holder who wishes to relocate, the next step is to find an apartment. Under the program, you are responsible for finding an apartment that accepts Housing Choice vouchers in the private market. It is important to find a place to live before the voucher expires!

Step 1: Research Eligible Apartments

To help individuals or families find an apartment, please visit NHHFA’s Subsidized Vacant Unit List with information provided by owners who accept Housing Program vouchers. It is your responsibility to find an apartment that is suitable for your specific situation. You can also find an apartment on your own that accepts Housing Choice vouchers.

For information about finding the right apartment for you, read A Good Place to Live.

Step 2: Request for Tenancy Approval

Once you find an acceptable apartment, you must request the landlord complete and sign the Request for Tenancy Approval. This form is available by contacting NHA at 603-659-5444 or

Step 3: Get an Inspection

After approving the unit, NHA will contact the landlord for an inspection within seven business days of the Request for Tenancy being completed.

If the unit does not pass inspection or the landlord is unwilling to make necessary repairs in a timely manner, you must start looking for another apartment immediately.

NHA cannot pay assistance on a unit without a passed inspection.

Step 4: Receiving Rent Amounts

NHA will calculate the tenant rent amount and the assistance payment amount.

Step 5: Sign the Lease with your new landlord

Once the unit and rent is approved, NHA will inform you that it is ok to sign a lease with your new landlord. Please do not sign a lease without hearing from NHA first.