Getting Settled

Moving In:

  • Once you have signed a lease, you can move in whenever you’re ready. Moving costs are your responsibility. Please be respectful of your neighbors during the moving process. It is important that you do not lose your keys.
  • Residents who lose their keys may pay a fee if NHA has to respond to let someone in after regular business hours. You will be charged for a lock change if NHA is required to change your lock because you have lost your key. If you lose your key during business hours please call or go to the management office. After hours, please call the Emergency Work Order Line
  • If you discover any additional maintenance issues after accepting the apartment or while moving in, please note them on the Move In Inspection report and provide this to your Property Manager
  • NHA does not provide insurance coverage for your personal belongings. You may wish to consider renters insurance to cover the belongings in your apartment in the event of a flood, fire or other damage.
  • NHA management office is open Monday through Thursday from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.


Newmarket Housing Authority (NHA) is obligated to maintain your apartment in good condition. If something breaks in your apartment, you should call in a “Work Order Request” as soon as possible. NHA will schedule the work promptly. Some repairs will be prioritized based on urgency. Conditions that are considered emergencies will be addressed within 24 hours.

Residents who need repairs to their apartments should call the management office at 603-659-5444 or email during normal office hours.

NHA understands that all apartments will experience normal wear and tear. NHA will make normal wear and tear repairs when they are seen at an inspection or if you call in a Work Order Request.

If you damage any item in the apartment due to deliberate actions or negligence, NHA will charge you for the repair.

Work Items Classified as Emergencies

  • Refrigerator not working at all
  • Stove – failure of all burners
  • Flooding condition of any origin
  • Fire
  • Gas odor
  • Toilet stoppage; flooding or inability to use the toilet if the unit has only one toilet
  • No heat in the entire apartment: September 15 to June 15 only
  • No hot water
  • Waste line backup/blockages indicating a main drain blockage
  • No electricity in entire unit
  • Entry door or door locks are not secure
  • Lockouts
  • No water
  • Any condition deemed to be a health or safety hazard


Newmarket Housing Authority (NHA) staff is required to perform at least one inspection of your apartment each year. During this inspection, NHA staff enters all occupied apartments to assess their condition and determine if any repairs are necessary. This ensures that the apartment is in compliance with the US Department of Housing and Urban Development Uniform Physical Condition Standards and with NHA’s sanitary requirements.

NHA residents are given advance notice of Unit Inspections. Residents who have an inspection coming up may make a list of items of concern and discuss them with the NHA employee conducting the inspection. It is not required that you be present during the inspection.

NHA staff will record any repairs required and create any necessary work orders for the repairs. If clutter or dirty conditions are seen at the inspection, you will receive a citation to correct these conditions. A re-inspection will be made to ensure that the correction is completed. Citations may also be issued for damages, improper disposal of garbage, smoking or other lease violations.

Trash and Recycling

The Town of Newmarket collects NHA’s trash and recycling.

Tenants will receive one orange Newmarket trash bag (15 gallon) per eligible subsidy size. Bags will be distributed to tenants by NHA staff. Bags will be left in your mailbox.

Your trash must be in ORANGE TOWN BAGS, placed at the end of your parking space with recycling bags by 7:30 AM. Place trash bag(s) on top of your apartment number in your parking space. Do not pile trash in piles as a building.

On holidays & bad weather, please call Town of Newmarket Department of Environmental Services at 659-3093 to find out if there are pick-up changes.

Put your trash out EVERY WEEK – do not let it pile up in your storage area.

If your household has excess trash, you will need to purchase additional town bags yourself. Bags are available locally at the Irving Gas station, Newmarket Town Clerk’s office, Newberry Farms, Aubuchon Hardware and Newfields Shell station. NHA will NOT sell town bags.

No bulk items. Trash must fit in bag. Bags must be tied closed.

The following items are NOT ALLOWED in your trash: Antifreeze, car batteries, computer monitors, computer parts (keyboards are allowed), televisions, fluorescent lamps, hypodermic needles, yard waste, treated wood, railroad ties, copiers, smoke detectors, liquids such as paint, oil, gasoline, tanks including oil, propane, gasoline. Hazard materials such as asbestos, 55-gallon drums. Absolutely NO COMBUSTIBLES OR FLAMMABLES.

Clean-up grounds if bags have broken open – BOTH before and after trash pick-up. Take steps to avoid attracting birds that rip open trash bags.

On holidays & bad weather, please call Town of Newmarket Department of Environmental Services at 659-3093 to find out if there are pick-up changes.